Thursday, October 9, 2014

Unificationist Conversion Experiences

This experience is posted on a Unificationist blog.

"I was not a believer. One night by chance, just out of curiosity, I prayed. Miracle happened. An amazing light filled up the room and I felt God's presence and love. I could sense all His pain from my mistakes and all the insults He got for us. I cried and suffered, because I still felt the warmth and the fear that seized my soul with this amazing experience. I encountered God, and I did not even know who He is.
I began to look and search, visiting many churches and other places. Every day I prayed, even though with simple request, 'Please, Heavenly Father, show me what you want me to do?' Soon I began to experience amazing spiritual guidance. And the words of Jesus became a reality for me, 'Seek and ye shall find, ask and you will be given!' The answer came in unexpected way.
 A friend of mine told me that she was invited in an educational center. Hearing these words the Spirit filled me up and again I felt the incredible presence of God. Trembling, I heard the heavenly voice saying, 'This is the answer to your prayers'. And again I was filled with an incredible light and love; the same that I experienced in my first encounter with God.

[She converted to the Unification Church as a result of attending the educational center.]

…I knew it was true and I could not deny it. The responsibility is ours! God cannot make us believe or understand by force. Only if you pray sincerely and you'll understand!
Now I know.”

-from "My Life in Search of Truth"

These are from the UCFamily blog.

“I was born and raised in a small rural town, in a traditional catholic family.
…I went to mass almost every day and received the communion very often. During a long period of my life, I feel Jesus very close.
…None of the priest or nuns that I consulted at that time, gave me a clear answer to my questions about Jesus, God, the Bible etc. Then I started to search by my own in a different christian groups etc. Finally, after years of difficulties and some bad decisions, I found out the Unification Church.
…To listen the Divine Principle was like received a fresh waterfall from the sky, it was like a personal revelation to me. It gave me answer to all the questions that I have had during all my life. I was thinking inside, this is it!!  This is what I was searching for...
After studied and live the contents of the Divine Principle, my life has been change forever. Even unworthy, my heart is full of gratitude and appreciation toward Reverend Moon, who gave to Humankind the great treasure of the Unification Principle, the revelation given directly by God to Reverend Sun Myung Moon.”

-from "Experience with God", by Conchita

"One night I had an amazing experience where Jesus came to me in a dream. He told me I had a mission to fulfill. I was spiritually guided to meet a Japanese lady. She asked me: 'Are you searching for truth?' I said yes! Hearing the lecture I had a 'This is it' experience. This is what I have always been searching for. Jesus showed me the answer in the Unification Church of Rev. Moon.
...She invited me to take a walk up 5th Ave, towards the building where the Unification Church was located at that time.
...I felt such a peaceful atmosphere and a sense of being in the right place at the right time.
...When she asked me to hear a lecture I said no at first. I was sick and tired of lectures. I had just graduated from college. But I could not say no after a while because she was so sweet and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
...During this lecture I had a 'This is it' experience.
...The lecturer drew a diagram on the board of the '4-position foundation' – the ideal family with God at the center as the basis for harmony in the family, and a society, nation and world of peace, and this is when I heard as a shout in my mind, 'This is it! This is what you have always been searching for – and not only you, but all of your ancestors have always been searching for!'  I began to feel a great flood of tears coming up, but I did not want to cry in front of them yet.
She finished the lecture and I was just quiet. It struck me with such a peace inside. I thought, 'This is not an ordinary truth. This is not the postulation of a theory, nor the defense of a position or the argument of someone’s opinion, or just some information about life and the world.
This is really a message, some words from God.' That is what I felt. It was a truth about life, rooted in the heart of God – not just an intellectual exercise.
I just cried with joy; I had found a spiritual oasis in the desert. Tomiko asked me, 'What do you think?!' I could only say, 'Well this is true! I would like to study more.'
That was all for that day... Yet, destiny was no way to avoid. Here I am today a Unification Church member, proud to be Unificationist."

-from "Personal testimony: Jesus Came to Me in a Dream", by Christine

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