Thursday, October 9, 2014

Taoist Experience

A reddit user shares an experience from reading about Taoism.

"...I pick up Alan Watts' What is Tao. I have been dabbling in Taoism recently to see if it could help me with my life. And reading his book I read about Wu Wei and Te. And it just made sense to me. I dont even know if I am getting the actual meaning, and I dont care. Just be yourself. Dont force it. Dont be self conscious. These kind of things clicked within me. They may be things we have heard all our lives, but I truly internalized it. Truly understanding what 'easy does it' and 'just be yourself' are all about. And for the first time, I feel happy. True happiness is overwhelming me right now, and I feel like I had to share this with you all."

-from reddit user BAtrogit

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