Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lutheran Testimonies

From Divine Peace Lutheran Church:

"I came to Divine Peace by chance and at a time in my life when an emotional crisis had taken me as low as I'd ever been. I had been attending another church for some years but had never joined. It just hadn't felt right, didn't feel right, and I was at a point where I needed help.
It was right before Christmas of 2001. I was driving south down 76th street, and it was as if a large hand took hold of my head, made me look at the Divine Peace sign and service times, and said, 'You go there.' And I did.
Churches, some say, have 'a spirit' to them, as soon as I walked through the doors of Divine Peace, it was like coming home. There was a warmth to the church and to the members who welcomed me, a stranger, into their midst. And, if the church was crowded for Christmas Eve service, the ushers made sure I got a seat.
...the warmth I was greeted with at Divine Peace that night literally brought tears to my eyes as I left. I didn't feel alone any longer. I felt part of a larger family, and I've been going back to Divine Peace ever since.
When you're a member of Divine Peace, you are truly a member of a family- God's family, and I feel blessed to have found the comfort and security the fellowship at Divine Peace offers."

-Kim H.'s Testimony

From Central Lutheran Church:

"I thought, 'Well, that's interesting; I thought I was a Christian.'  But had I ever asked God to come into my heart?  No! He was always a part of my days.  But, I can ask God to come into my heart.  So, I prayed the prayer to open the door and let God into my heart...  It was a weird date, but this little prayer really took my faith to a deeper level...  Pretty much anywhere I was, I felt the Holy Spirit move me to reach out and share Jesus with others.  Those were amazing times for me, I had daily devotions, I participated in bible studies, I really felt my walk with the Lord change and grow in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  I found myself praying all the time, jogging on campus, driving to work, dealing with difficult people and being ever so thankful for my family and friends."

-Tina Marie Simmonds' Testimony

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