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Muslim Conversion Stories

These Muslim conversion experiences are gathered from around the web.  I've linked to sources with each quote.

"During my clean up I found my old Qur'an in Arabic that I had bought while I was a student at Rabat. I had bought it as a study guide to help me learn to read Arabic.
It had been many years since I had last read anything in Arabic. I was curious as to if I could still read it. I opened it to Surah Fatiha and the first line literally jumped out at me.
Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem. 'In the name of Allaah, the provider, the Most merciful'
It was like the words glowed and completely filled me with an inner peace I never felt before.  I turned back to the preface and saw it was the supplication:
'Auzu Billahi Mina Al Shaytan Al Rajeem'.
(In Allaah(swt) I seek refuge from the evils of Satan)
After over 20 years of not speaking Arabic it all flowed back to me. I could not stop reading and I was not simply reading words, the feeling of each ayyat came upon me with an indescribable warmth and sense of understanding. I could not stop. I do not know how long I read I know it was for at least 48 hours and I still could not stop the feeling was so powerful and filling me with a strong sense of love and joy on the morning of what I believe was the 3rd day I finally set the Qur'an down and knew I was Muslim. I instantly said the Shahadah and knew I was now part of the Ummah."

-from city-data forum user Woodrow LI

"...I was finally discouraged, and decided to look into other faiths. I examined Catholicism, Buddhism, and even Native American Spirituality, and I was getting nowhere. I finally decided that I would just believe my own beliefs of a supreme and omnipotent God, and go my own way.
I never even considered Islam until I met the man who was to later become my husband. I had previously always dismissed Islam as a violent religion, full of bloodshed, 'holy wars', and men who abused and oppressed women!
...As the months went by, and as I studied more and more in depth about Islam, my conviction began to grow steadily that this was the true religion. It was so close in many ways to what I already believed!
Then one day at a weekly women’s lesson on Islam that I had been attending, (even though I wasn’t a Muslim yet), one of the sisters was reading a verse of the Qur’an that really affected me. It was about the Jews and their questioning of God’s commands in sacrificing the heifer in Al-Baqarah.
This verse suddenly affected me so much that, much to my embarrassment, I began to cry in the middle of the lesson. The sister who was reading comforted me by saying that the Qur’an – the Word of Allaah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) – often affects people this way.
That evening at home, as I was preparing for bed, I went through my usual routine of opening the Holy Qur’an at random and asking Allaah to select a passage for me to read. The verse that my eyes fell on as I opened the book read as follows: 'And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, you will see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth. They pray: ‘Our Lord! We believe; write us down among the witnesses. What cause can we have not to believe in Allah and the truth which has come to us, seeing as we long for our Lord to admit us to the company of the righteous?’ And for this, their prayer has Allah rewarded them with Gardens, with rivers flowing underneath – their eternal Home. Such is the recompense of those who do good.' (5:83-85)
This was the final message to me from Allaah for me to revert to Islam! I was speechless. He (Allah) spoke to me through the glorious Qur’an. He showed me the straight path – the truth. I said Shahada (Testimony of faith) shortly after that. Shahada was a homecoming for me – I felt that my soul had been set free.
...To this day, and always, it warms my heart and soul to go to a gathering of my sisters and brothers in Islam and hear the quiet murmuring of 'Assalaamu Alaikum', and see the warm smiles, hugs and handshakes, and the welcoming outstretched arms of my Ummah (community)! I will never stop thanking Allaah for guiding me to the light of Islam."

-from, "Carol: I considered Judaism but chose Islam"

"When I was 19 years old, I was sitting in my house, up late, talking to a friend, and he had just become Muslim.  And so I asked him, what is Islam?  Like, I've heard all these things.  And he started to tell me, and it was the most amazing conversation that I think, still to this day, that I ever had.  Something inside of me made me feel good.  It was like a light, I felt like.  And it was like, I was being told the truth.  And it was hard to explain, but it was amazing."

-transcribed from video, "USA: Matt's Reverts to Islam New Muslim Brother Takes Shahada", starting at 1:00

"I grew up in Dutch family with Christianity...  I've always believed in God, but always been searching for the right faith and sought in all religions except Islam. Islam, I found an unjust faith by what I saw and heard (I have my Moroccan family never taught about Islam). I always went to church but my heart always told me that something was wrong.
...I was deeply unhappy. I said to God: 'Please point me the way!'
A few months later, I ...came into contact with Islam. I was convinced that Islam is the right religion and felt the light was burning in my heart. I wanted to talk to God but I had trouble keeping his name on my lips to get and talk to him. I felt him as if he said to me, "but it is good to talk to Me." I finally got it and I thought it was a great feeling. I often spoke to God and He answered me in my dreams.
...Now I understand the truth, Islam is complete and very beautiful.
...Gradually I began to have doubts about this way of holy faith, but did believe in Allah.
...Quran spoke to me more and I was very surprised and shocked. Yet still I hesitated and he asked, 'what does your head and what does your heart.' I said, 'my head says no but my heart says yes it's true.'  ...I was very confused and cried to God: 'Please God let me not go astray I want to continue on your way, what do I believe it!'
...That night I had a dream from Allah. He said to me: 'I bring you a new heart, a heart that is pure'. And the next day while I was awake ...Allah gave me the feeling, 'here you do not be afraid of you not coming in'.
...I soon began to pray in the pure way, and since then I was better in my possession. I felt so light and happy...  It is impossible to describe what a feeling I had while, so natural and free. I was very surprised how many people have lost the way of Allah."

-from, "My story about my conversion to Islam", by Amazigh

"Many of my questions were answered! What is the purpose of life? How can the Father be the Son? Why can't God just forgive anyone He wants? What happens to babies who die before baptism?
In Quran 5:83, Allah states: 'And when they (who call themselves Christian) listen to what has been sent down to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth they have recognized. They say: 'Our Lord! We believe; so write us down among the witnesses.''
Indeed, my eyes overflowed with tears as I read that verse. Yet I did not embrace Islam until three years after meeting Armando, because I did not want to change. A struggle occurs within everyone, everyday, and everywhere. We struggle to attain what is most important for us. By embracing Islam, we tell Allah that He is the most important and that we are prepared to struggle to do what is right and to avoid what is wrong. I am a Mexican-American Muslim."

-from, "How Allah Found Me in Texas", by Juan Galvan

"One day, there was a brother in class... He presented his religion, which was Islam.  And the way he did it, his character, it just touched my heart.  ...He told me, 'Are you going to convert to any religion?'  So, I said, yeah, I might convert to Islam...  I had no clue why I said that, but I said it, and Allah opened my heart at that time.
...I started researching about the religion...  Something told me in my heart, 'Go to the mosque.  Go to the mosque.'  So, I took my bike, I started riding to the mosque.  So I go in...  I say, 'Can I speak to the imam?'
...He comes, he grabs me by the hand, he holds my hand.  As soon as he held my hand I started feeling this love, you know, like, growing in my heart...  And then, when I walked inside the mosque, the enviroment, I can't explain it...  I went to his desk, to his room, and he sat me down.  He told me, 'What religion are you from?'  ...After two minutes, I started crying.  Crying, crying, crying.  I couldn't stop crying...  So, like, we had to cancel the appointment because I couldn't talk.
...I started listening to Surah Fatihah and all, and it started touching my heart...  I went to the mosque, I started following the prayer with the people.  I was still Christian, but I was still following the people...  My heart was at peace.
...So, I went to the mosque.  I stayed there all day...  At the end, I was sure I wanted to convert.  So, I took my Shahadah the same day, now I'm a Muslim.

-transcribed from video, Zakariah's Conversion, starting about 0:55

"ALLAH Saved My Life!
Throughout my life I studied many different religions and couldn't find the real meaning to any of them. I felt so lost! Then in the mist of my despair, I found a friend that understood what I was feeling. We talked for awhile. After crying like a baby 'cause I felt so alone, he told me to repeat what he said.
'Alright,' I said  - wiping the tears out of my eyes.
    Bismilla -ir- Rahman -ir- Raheem
As I began repeating what he said I started feeling a warm comfortable feeling. 'Like you do when your mom or dad holds you when your scared'. After we were done he asked me if I knew what we just said.
'No,' I replied.
It was the Surah Fatihah.
'Now you're a Muslim.' he said."

-from the Experience Project, "ALLAH Saved My Life!", by NewWorldConcept

"I had never in my life heard of The Holy Qur'an. I began to briefly read some pages. While I was reading I knew that what I was reading was true. It was like a slap in the face, a wake up call. The Qur'an is so clear and easy to understand. I was really impressed and wanted to know more about Islam and Muslims.
...After months of study and research I could not deny the truth anymore. I had put it off too long, but was still living the life I had before, and knew that if I became a Muslim I had to give all that up. One day while reading the Qur'an, I began to cry and fell to my knees and thanked Allah for guiding me to the truth. I found out that there was a Mosque by my house so I went one Friday to see how Muslims prayed and conducted their service... A man got up and began to call the Adthan (call for prayer). When I heard it my eyes filled up with tears because it sounded so beautiful. It was all so strange at first, but seemed so right at the same time. Islam is not just a religion but a way of life.
After going a couple of Fridays I was ready to be a Muslim and say my Shahada (declaration of faith). I told the Khatib (person giving the lecture) that I wanted to be a Muslim. The following Friday in front of the community I said my Shahada first in Arabic and then in English: I bear witness that there is no other God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammed (P.B.U.H) is His Messenger."

-from a testimony on

"It is difficult to describe to someone who has never felt it how Islam can change and improve one's life. But Islam changed me totally. I now have no doubt about our purpose in this world and that I am following the right path, I have a certainty I never knew before, and a peace that goes with it. God's plan makes much more sense to me and I feel I have an idea where I belong."

-from, "My Journey to Islam", by D. Beatty

"[A Muslim friend] found a good translation of the meaning of the Qur'an for me to read, which I did. I still remember sitting alone, reading it, looking for errors, and questioning. The more I read, the more I became convinced that this book could only have one source, God. I was reading about God's mercy and His willingness to forgive any sin, except the sin of associating partners with Him; and I began to weep. I cried from the depth of my soul. I cried for my past ignorance and in joy of finally finding the truth. I knew that I was forever changed...  Once I was sure that this book was truly from God, I decided that I had to accept Islam as my religion. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is."

-from, Erin/Sumaya Fannoun's conversion story

"Before going to sleep that night, my son told me to pray to God before going to sleep and ask Him alone to guide me to the right path. I promised my son that I would sincerely supplicate to God for the answer. I went to my room and read from the book my son had given me. Next, I opened the Holy Quran and began to read. It was if something had been lifted from my heart. I felt different. I saw the truth in Islam. What had I been fighting against all these years?
That night I prayed to God alone–not to Jesus, not to Mary, not to the angels or saints or holy spirit. Just to God I cried and asked for guidance. I prayed that if Islam was the right choice to please change my heart and mind. I went to sleep and the next morning I woke up and announced to my son that I was ready to accept Islam. He was astonished. We both began to cry."

-from The Islamic Bulletin, "MY INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY OF ISLAM", by Carla

"I went back my dorm room and considered the facts. Could I deny what I now perceived to be the truth? Could I deny what I had read, what I had seen, what I had heard, and what I had felt? Hadn't I been crying, desperately, on my dorm room floor only yesterday, pleading for guidance, imploring God for help? Islam came and confirmed what I had already thought to be true. I learned that it was the continuation of Judaism and Christianity, sent by the same God, the One and only true God, the God of Adam and Eve, of Noah, of Moses, of Jesus. Yes, these are all revered prophets of Islam. Islam simply means submitting to the will of God. The whole universe is in total submission to God, but human beings are unique in that they are free to accept or reject divine guidance. If we accept, it is for the benefit of our soul, and if we reject, it is to our own detriment.
So, while I had never considered myself religious before, I became so in that instant- the instant that I could no longer deny the facts. I submitted my whole self to God."

-from The Islamic Bulletin, "How I Struck Gold - my conversion story", by K. Sherman

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