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Jehovah's Witnesses' Testimonies

These experiences were collected from various forums.

"When you've experienced Jehovah's guidance and blessing in the ways that I have, you learn the true meaning of relying on him. ...Though there are things that make me sad, I no longer experience depression (I used to use medication to control chronic depression). All the sisters remark that I always have a smile on my face; and I never give a negative answer to 'how you doing?'. Being a servant of Jehovah makes every day of life beautiful and I never want to let it go again. I hope and pray that others out there can experience some similar feeling."

-A Letter from a man in prison in North Carolina

These are from the Yahoo Answers question, "What do you love most about being one of Jehovah's Witnesses?"

"Debbie, your question has brought tears to my eyes.
Jehovah through His Son saved me from so much (including myself) via His holy truth as found within the pages of His Word the Bible.
...I can't even BEGIN to explain all in how I feel! My wife and our children are HIS property, they belong to HIM and He has granted me the privilege to experience them and have them within the life that He has blessed me with.
There are no words to describe how grateful, thankful, honored and HAPPY that I am to be privileged to be called ONE of His Witnesses... no words can truly describe it.
...I look at ALL of you who are of Jehovah's modern day Christian Witnesses (as well as those who are in association with us in sincerity that are learning about our God) and I see just how incredibly BEAUTIFUL you ALL are. This beauty radiates as a beacon due to the grace of the light of the truth which abounds within you."

-from Yahoo user Myro

"The joy I receive from following the one and only true God. When I am out in the ministry and find someone who wants to talk about God or even just being out with the friends brings me joy. A joy like I had as a child when I had no worries. Also the hope I have that I will soon see my sweet daughter and work together with her to bring the truth to those resurrected."

-from Yahoo user Bluebird

These are from the Yahoo Answers question, "What is it like being a Jehovah's witness?"

"When you are part of a true religion it makes you feel so fulfilled. You know you are satisfying God and he can read our hearts. So if our hearts condition are true you can be sure Gods Holy spirit is part of your life."

-from Yahoo user Teller of Truths

"When I became a witness it was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I no longer felt obliged to be involved in all the holidays and such, But more importantly, I knew that I was doing Jehovah's will and giving Satan a slap in the face."

-from Yahoo user Kevin Jess

"Being a Jehovah's Witness gives you an inner peace that 'no one' can touch, not Satan nor worldly government or those that persecute us can touch how good we feel about being one of Jehovah's people"

-from Yahoo user fixerken

"It's WONDERFUL!!! There are so many joys I can't begin to do them justice, but the main thing is having an intimate and loving relationship with my Creator and feeling his loving hand in my life; this is a very wonderful thing!"

-from Yahoo user Sunshine

"There are truly no words to describe the wonderful feeling of serving the Most High! We are all looking forward to be able to worship Him in His righteous new world soon, where, through His Son, He will give us the life He really wants us to have! Serving Jehovah is truly a beautiful thing!"

-from Yahoo user Ginosko92

"It's great! Words cannot adequately describe the awesome feelings you experience as you learn more about the truth from the Bible, are given real answers to life's questions and the close relationship you eventually develop with Jehovah God, our creator.
I was stupid enough to break away from them and spent nearly 2 years away from the organization...I can honestly say that those 2 years were the worst of my life, I was angry, confused, bitter, full of hate, I started corresponding with apostates and anti-JW people and tried to convince myself I believed their lying trash, but in my heart I knew that I was wrong and they were wrong. I delved deep into other religions and compared their beliefs/doctrines with what the Bible ACTUALLY teaches, before realizing my search for the TRUTH kept leading me right back (again and again) whom?  ...Jehovah's Witnesses."

-from Yahoo user Magpie of Eden

From the Yahoo Answers question, "What's Life like for Jehovah's Witnesses?"

"Life as a Witness is an exquisite delight.
There is nothing better than having a loving personal relationship with the awesome, yet merciful, Creator of the universe, and with his faithful Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
...But the wonderful thing is having God's holy spirit that provides comfort and encouragement to endure and overcome trials and tribulations, and remain faithful to our loving Father in heaven."

-from Yahoo user bar_enosh

From the Yahoo Answers question, "Converting to be a Jehovah witness?"

"My ex boyfriend is a Jehovah's witness and while I initially attended the Kingdom Hall because of my interest and love for him, I now want to be a Jehovah's witness for myself and my relationship with Jehovah and not for any other reason.
...I strongly believe that all this is part of Jehovah's plan for me. Jehovah called me to him through the young man that I now love because I was not part of any denomination before I met the guy. I prayed about it and I get the strong feeling that Jehovah has us apart so that we can grow spiritually first, be molded into faithful loyal Christians and then he will allow us to be together."

-from "Converting to be a Jehovah witness?" original question

This is from the Yahoo Answers question, "What was your experience of converting to a Jehovah Witness?"

"My experience? After many years in other denominations, I started bible study. Then after lots of prayer, I knew it to be true"

-from Yahoo user puppy warm-heart

From a conversion story on a personal blog:

"Well, we did become good friends, and her love for the bible and the joy she had in the ministry and at meetings got me curious. I had to find out just what this book had that could make someone so happy in life. So I picked one up one day and tried to read it.
...I told this friend of mine that and she offered me a study. Of course I accepted, and soon I was begining to experience the same joy she had. I was on the path that leads to life and three difficult, persecution-filled years later, I was baptised. I finally came to know just what that joy she had was - it was 'the knowledge of God'."

-from "How I Got the Truth", by Sharon

This is a comment on the We Are Jehovah's Witnesses Facebook page.

"We just started to study the bible me and my girlfriend and we already notice that the holy spirit is entering our house with positive changes that I never expected to happen. I started praying to Jehovah and he helped me to stop smoking marijuana that I did for 25 years and since 22nd of Sept. I quit instantly.  And before I had so much trouble to quit smoking I never made any progress"

-comment by Rodney Thomas

An active Jehovah's Witness describes the happiness he feels.  From the Yahoo answers question, "Why do witnesses have such a hard time understanding ex witnesses are really happy?"

"I have seen happy. I have lived it. Regardless how troubled I may seem on the surface, down inside in my very core is a sense of peace and happiness that will forever remain untouched by the troubles of the world...  Only those who do not know me well have the misperception I am troubled at any time. I have met a number of people who only minutes and sometimes mere seconds after meeting me remarked on how peaceful I seem, and some of them have stated that I seem to have an aura of peacefulness about me. Come to think of it, I have even gotten emails from people I have never met in person who have stated that."

-from Yahoo user B Knott Wildered

A Quora user tells about her conversion:

"I took the study in May 2010 and got baptized on December 2016 at the age of 53. I always wanted to be part of God’s people so I prayed and ask God to bring His people to me because I don’t know where they are. If you ask me why I chose to study with the JW? My answer would be 'I don’t know. I was drawn to them'. I personally believe that Jehovah drew me to his organization so I can learn about Him, His son and His Kingdom."

-from Quora user Martha Rumimper

A Jehovah's Witness tells of miraculous guidance while going door to door:

"I have gone to doors were people claimed to be praying to God to direct then to the truth and I was on the other side of the door. This happens all the time. We believe the angels invisibly direct this part of our ministry, and it is noteworthy we are the ones that have this happen all the time."

-from "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses Claim to Be the Only True Religion?", answer by reddit user Moremoreor

An Ex-Jehovah's Witness experience.  This Jehovah's Witness woman has a powerful spiritual experience in which she realizes that she is one of the 144,000 "anointed ones".  However, she then leaves the Jehovah's Witness Organization:

"In 1992 I had such an enormous spiritual experience and came to understand that to my enormous surprise, not to mention real shock, I was anointed. This happened to me when I was alone, in a good place emotionally, and completely sober. The effect of this was extremely powerful and set off an insatiable hunger in me to devour the scriptures over the coming days, weeks, months, and years, to meet my new relationship with my God/Creator. There is much more to tell about this but perhaps not at the moment...  Perhaps you can imagine that when I told the PO of the congregation that I had had this undeniable 'witness of the holy spirit' it didn't go down too well...I had to explain to him scripturally that of course I wasn't worthy of it one ever was/is ..nevertheless it had happened to me.
...Our life in the ‘truth’ changed ... I developed a super strong spirituality because of my ‘spiritual experience’..pioneering, studies, quickbuilds...  As a family we became totally immersed in the organization. Friends who’d known me for a long time detected the change in me and said they benefited from it..the elders and a couple in particular...didn't like my claim to be anointed at all. They made our lives as a family so difficult...humiliation, oppression and fear became the order of the day...
Fast forward some years...  One day in a stressful situation I smoked some cigarettes.  ...I went to the elders and confessed.  ...I was disfellowshipped. I couldn’t believe it.
[To JWs, disfellowshipping is like excommunication, and they are completely shunned by the congregation and their families.]
...That was it. Thirty years of friends gone. My adult children gone. My life gone. They told me that Jehovah would leave me. I sobbed and shook for days and days. It literally made me ill...  I went through it alone, completely, except for my God. He didn’t leave at all, he never has and even the residue and effects of my ‘anointing’ didn’t diminish. Its with me to this day. My love for Him remains undiminished.  ...I could never return to the JWs.
...I still don’t know if I want to just worship on an individual basis or if I want to find an alternative ‘church’. I am cynical now...  I conclude from my wider perspective that my spiritual experience has happened to other individuals in other religions and that it is not exclusive to JWs."

-account from, "Lozhasleft - becoming anointed"

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