Thursday, October 9, 2014

More Christian Spiritual Experiences

Christians describe the presence of the Holy Spirit.

"A few evenings later I had just finished my bible study and I was sitting on the side of my bed. I was still searching with my spirit man, listening to the sounds of the evening and trying to understand where is God. I would question with my mind... God where are you? Jesus where are you? Holy Spirit where are you? Not even 3 minutes had passed when I experienced a person right in front of me. Though my eyes were tightly shut I could clearly feel His form. I opened my eyes but could not see anything. I closed my eyes again and yes... He was real... more real than anything I could see with my eyes open. I closed my eyes and very gently this Person came inside me and filled me with tingling sensations from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I could feel His presence inside me and all around me and just knew that it was the Holy Spirit. I was startled to be honest. Can this really be happening to me? Before the minute was up I could sense His presence no more but was left in awe of what had just happened.
That very next day... I had again just finished my bible study and I was just sitting still with my back against the headboard of my bed and being mindful, pondering on His greatness, His awesomeness, His splendour, when again I felt this presence of a Person before me. Very powerfully this Presence entered my body. My stomach muscles tightened for what seemed like a minute with all the power they had to squeeze me and a most awesome feeling of excitement, electricity, tingling sensations flooded by whole body from end to end. These sensations would last for about 20 minutes and before I knew it, I heard a small still voice in my mind say 'And here He comes again'. For the next 2 hours I was filled again and again and again with what seemed like waves of His presence entering me. Finally just before midnight I could relax and fall asleep.
For the next 4 months I would once a week receive these waves of infilling and my stomach muscles would tighten each time. Now I am more relaxed and become 'SUDDENLY' more aware of His awesome presence and then know something good is going to happen. My hands & feet go numb when I bask in His presence. Other times it feels like lightening bolts coming out of my hands. If I lie on my bed & I think about nothing - I experience ... nothing, but interestingly, the second I put my thoughts on God and on His awesomenss I immediately become aware of His presence more so than normal.
...There is not a day that goes by when I do not feel His presence. I awake in His presence and go to sleep in His presence. He never leaves me and at times I become very powerfully aware that he wants to use me as His instrument and for His glory."

-Testimony from Christian Board user B-holy

"One day while just looking out side, I noticed a cloud coming down. I was not real sure what I was seeing, then I felt that awesome power of God all over my body. I did good just to grab the door to keep my knees from buckling. I was in awe at the love and power that was filling me.
Later on... I had been praising God with someone waiting on a ambulance, I suddenly felt that anointing all over and the person was healed right there.
I don't experience that awesome power like some seem to do at every church service, but I can feel the presence of the anointing of God. I have come to learn though, we filled with the Holy Ghost and stay in prayer, faith, and God's will are constantly radiating God's anointing. We get use to it, and we are more anointed than we think. Many times others have said that they saw a glow around me, other said they feel the power of God radiating off me, and I don't notice a thing."

-Testimony from Christian Board user Brother Mike

"After 4 months of being 'soaked' in His Presence I awoke the one morning to find that I had no awareness of Him at all. All those feelings, all the awareness I had of His Presence were gone... I would sing a song, synchronise my breathing, pray a religious prayer, get on my knees (normally I just lie in bed praying - its more comfortable) and despite all my efforts the awareness of His Presence seemed to have disappeared with the going down of the sun.
...I felt different. I felt normal, as if God had left me. I was depressed, upset... I wanted Him so badly. Again I tried some religious stunts like read my bible, wait quietly for Him... My heart was grieved... God did not want to talk to me.
...I had had enough. I cried out to the Lord. 'Please do not tease me. You have blessed me with your presence all these days, show me my faults that I may walk in the awareness of your presence again. Speak to my heart to my mind and let me know.'
From out of no-where my mind seemed to talk back to me. I could hear my own voice talking in my mind but knew that the origin of that voice was from God and His answer was... 'The anointing does not come from your works . If I choose to anoint you I will'
In that moment I answered God - 'Lord have it your way... I am going to stop all my tactics to force your anointing on me, in future I will trust You, I will believe by faith just like everyone else, and if You should choose to anoint me with your Presence then so be it.' No sooner had I said that prayer when the awareness of His Presence returned as though someone turned the tap on and praise God He is never taken it away."

-Testimony from Christian Board user B-holy

"Because of the way I grew up, I attended many different churches. Some of these churches I was afraid to enter and remain in for very long. Because there were times when I actually felt the temperature drop, even in the summertime, and I felt terrified.
After I grew up and got married, I was visiting one of my neighbors one day. She proceeded to tell me that her husband, who had passed away, had been appearing to her. As she was telling me this, the temperature in the room dropped to the point that I had chills; it was summertime and her house had been quite warm before this. She asked me, "Do you feel that?" I said, "Yes, I do".
Needless to say, these were not good feelings I was having at that point, I actually felt evil around us. I told her that we should pray and I started praying for help and protection from this evil that we were feeling. As I was praying, the coldness dissipated and I felt warmth instead; this warmth felt good, protective and reassuring.
So in my experience, when one feels afraid, this is not the holy spirit, quite the opposite. It is not a good spirit that is present. But when there is warmth and good feelings, and feeling protected, this is holy spirit. I have felt holy spirit when I pray and I have felt it even stronger when I am in a group of people who are praying. This isn't the only time I have felt the holy spirit but just an example."

-"My Recent Holy Spirit Transformation, Baptism, Infilling" by user scarlett2

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