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Testimonies from True Jesus Church

These testimonies come from the True Jesus Church website.

"I asked the Lord Jesus Christ for a sign to show that the True Jesus Church has the whole truth...
One day, I was sitting under a tree, thinking deeply. I was trying to recall some Bible verses on baptism and praying about a doubt that I had. Suddenly, a miracle happened to me. It was like a light that I could not exactly figure out. It shone on me and took away the doubt in my mind. It seemed that the darkness in my mind was lifted. The doctrine on infant baptism, which I could not at first accept, suddenly became very clear me. I could then accept it with my mind and heart. Since that incident, each time I read the Bible, that former opinion to oppose and the refusal to believe and accept were gone. Today I believe that infants must be baptized in order to be saved.
...Now I know and am confident that this is the end of my search for the whole truth. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for answering my prayer and giving me a sign. I have found the whole truth of my salvation. Glory be given to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!!"

-from "How I was Converted to the True Jesus Church", by Ernesto Torres

"In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I testify.
  ...I had been seeking the truth and looking for God all my life, but I still felt so lonely in my heart. I said to myself, life must be better than this.
   ...I was still constantly searching for the truth all this time, but without any success.
   ...After I left this second church I said to myself, forget it, God doesn’t exist. I just focused on working... One of the women who worked there belongs to the True Jesus Church. One day she saw my Bible on my desk and asked me to attend a Bible study. I thought, why not, I have nothing to lose, and went to the Bible study. At the end, when they knelt down and prayed in tongues, I was really scared.
   One of the sisters must have been praying for me, because the next week I couldn’t wait to go to Bible study. At that meeting, I felt God move me. I started going to Bible study, and then I started to attend church services regularly. I felt that God was there, even though we gathered in only a prayer house. I started to pray sincerely every night because I felt the movement of God. Every biblical teaching that I learned and followed came true.
   One night when I was sleeping, God’s power came over me and said, 'Vuthy, get up and pray.' So I said, 'okay,' and I started to pray.
   I said, 'Hallelujah,' and this power came into me, and I started to speak in tongues. I started to weep from joy because I felt so much love and mercy from God. This was the first time I felt joy in my heart, and I knew it was from God. During that prayer God made me realize what kind of a person I was, and all the sinful things I had done in my high school and college years.
   While I was praying, God moved me to say, 'Turn to 1 Peter.' I didn’t even know where 1 Peter was in the Bible. So I got up, switched on the lights, and turned to 1 Peter, chapter 1. As I was reading, the words of God came alive, almost like they were three-dimensional. Every word came to me like it was living, and it really touched me.

[He also tells of his father's conversion]

   ...After I was baptized in the True Jesus Church, I started to tell my father about God.
   ...In June 1999, I went fishing with my father. By then, I’d been regularly attending services in the True Jesus Church. I really believed that God exists and I felt His love. So I said to myself, this is a great opportunity for me to talk to my father about God. I told him, 'I’ve never asked you to do anything in my entire life. But I’ve found God, and I want you to come to church only five times. If after five times you don’t feel anything, you don’t ever have to come back.' He agreed, 'Okay son, I’ll do it for you.'
   ...Thank God, my father came to church that Saturday.
   ...The next Sabbath, my father came to church and knelt down to pray again. I had never described to him what the Holy Spirit felt like. After the prayer, he said that he felt this tingling all through his body, and it felt really good. I really thanked God.
   During that same week, my father’s left leg began to hurt so badly that he couldn’t even walk. He didn’t understand why this was happening to him. On the way to church he said to me, 'If your God is the true God, let Him heal my leg.'
   ...His leg hurt for a week, and then one night he woke up crying from the pain. The minute he got up, he felt this power from his foot all the way to his knee, and he was able to walk. He called and told me about it, and I was so joyful. The brothers and sisters at church had prayed really hard for him.
   On our way to the next Sabbath service, he told me, 'Son, I will follow your faith; I have already told your mother that I will follow your faith and follow your God.' I really thank God.
...Now my father, mother, and brother are attending Sabbath services regularly. God’s love and mercy is beyond my imagination. When we pray with sincerity and faith, everything is possible through God. May all the glory and praise be unto our Lord Jesus."

-from, "God Touched Me", by Vuthy Nol-Mantia

"Hallelujah, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I testify about an experience I had during prayer on December 26, 1999, in Toronto Church, Canada.
...A few minutes after the prayer began, a bright light suddenly shone into my eyes and began enveloping me until it completely surrounded me. I saw a person dressed in a white garment coming toward me. Following him were five to six people who were also all dressed in white. I then realized that the first person was Jesus and the people following Him were angels!
Jesus walked toward me and placed His loving arms around me. At that moment I felt incredibly joyful, peaceful, and comforted. I felt totally safe and protected. Jesus hugged me for what felt like a long time. Then He said, 'I am your Father, I am your God.' Jesus was telling me not to worry. My father in Taiwan would be all right, and Jesus would look after him and me.
Out of curiosity, I looked up because I wanted to see what Jesus looked like. But I could not see His face, because it was shining so brightly--even brighter than the sun. The faces of the angels were also shining brightly like Jesus'. The angels formed a circle around Jesus and me, holding hands. They sang hymns in a spiritual language, praising the Lord. Even though I did not understand what they were singing, it sounded heavenly, harmonious, and melodious. I had never heard such beautiful singing in all my life!
I then looked down where I was kneeling. The ground had turned pure white, and the whiteness started to spread gradually from the spot where Jesus and I were, radiating out in all directions until it covered the entire area. The church seemed to disappear, and I felt that I was no longer in the world--I realized that I was in heaven! This was the first time I saw a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom with my own eyes. Words cannot describe the beautiful view that surrounded me. Everything was pure white, but it did not seem strange.
Then I heard the prayer bell ring. Jesus stood up and walked away with the angels following Him. They all disappeared into a white light in the distance.
As the vision ended, I started to sense the presence of the other brothers and sisters who were praying beside me. I opened my eyes, and I realized that I was in church. I felt incredibly joyful that I had been hugged by my Heavenly Father and that I saw Him with my own eyes!
This was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I now know that the Lord my God is also my dearest, most precious, loving Heavenly Father. He will take care of me, love me, and always be at my side. I feel very blessed to be His child. May all glory and praise be given to our Lord Jesus forever. Hallelujah! Amen."

-from, "My Father in Heaven", by Johnny Cheng

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