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Catholic Conversion Stories

These conversion stories were shared in this thread:  Catholic Answers Forum- So Why Did You Convert?
"I also started praying a lot and praying consistently (probably for the first time ever). I realized I couldn't do this on my own, but I recognized the true gravity of this decision, and so I tried to clear my mind of all preconceptions and I honestly prayed (on many occasions over those months) something like this:
'God, if any Christian sect holds truest to your truth, or if somehow they all do, or certain ones do, please show me so I know how to best worship you. I want your Truth -- no matter the cost.'
And I tried to make sure that I meant it. Each time that I can remember praying that, I got an answer which was along the lines of a 'statistical miracle,' ...and it always pointed towards Catholicism. I would always feel at peace after this was revealed to me, not because Catholicism is the most comforting choice... but because the Truth became clear to me, finally.

...All in all, I found three ways of finding the Truth:
1. Forget your preconceptions because they may be misconceptions, and honestly and deeply (without forgoing the few Christian fundamentals that almost all sects agree upon) pray for the Truth. This is the easiest way, work-wise, although at least one of my friends claims that he did this and still earnestly believes he has the fullness of truth as a non-denominational (I don't understand nor can I account for this).
2. Go the logical route. Spend a considerable amount of time and energy slogging through apologetics until something clicks, and then account for everything that doesn't click. I would imagine this would work well, but it's tiring and sometimes depressing.
3. Believe in love. This is one of the most sincere patterns that I found: that the people who most completely live by the standards of the Catholic Church (the Saints, Blesseds, etc.), who lived in utter happiness and humility despite their (often extreme) sufferings -- and who were the champions of altruism, and who lived closest to the perfection of Jesus himself -- are not a swarm of insane, demon-possessed deceivers but instead will lead you to a supernatural truth. Basically, to believe and have faith in love, I had to leave behind all those bitter conspiracies and mean-spirited baseless dismissals.
Well, I hope you liked my (true) story. It was fun to write. I feel at peace now."

-from user sea_krait, posts 6-7

"This process took two years. We did not easily convert. But we were definitely wooed by God. Both of us, at one point, were spoken to by the Holy Spirit, Who told us, 'This is the truth. If you reject it, you are in danger of hellfire. Do you accept My teaching and will you say 'Yes' to the Catholic Church? Or will you reject My teaching?'"

-from user Cat, post 9

"Fast forward 5 years later, almost everyday I drive by a Catholic church and over these years thoughts would come to me of, 'stop by', 'you should be going there', 'You are welcome here', etc. For whatever reason, one Sunday morning I got up, got myself and my son dressed, and off we were to the Catholic church down the street from me. It was a beautiful experience and I truly felt that I had 'Wandered Home'...
I feel that the Holy Spirit truly led me to that Church and I have since turned my heart and mind to the Catholic faith that the Holy Spirit is residing within me like never before, or maybe it always has and I am just knowledgeable of it now. The world truly looks entirely different and my life is fuller and has more direction and meaning."

-from user Wandering_Home, post 15

"When I returned home, at the urging of some of the COC members, I attended one of their meetings. One of their practices was to call on the name of Jesus, calling out loud to him all in unison. It was so incredibly strange to me that I did not know what to do. Everyone was doing it and so I felt compelled to do it also. I started quietly at first, then in my desperation, I began loudly saying His name, asking in my heart for him to heal me. All of a sudden a rush of joy came into my heart that I had never experienced. I felt the sadness burn away and be replaced with a feeling of love and warmth. I was practically reduced to tears. I did not know what to say to anyone, so I sat quietly to myself until it was over. When I returned home, I sat down in my living room, saying nothing, just experiencing the feeling that was in me. It was the best thing I had ever felt, and I felt nothing but pure joy. No pain or sadness could touch me. I had finally gotten what I asked for.

...After we were married, I felt a strong pull towards learning about Catholicism. I was still trying to filter out all the junk and propaganda I had been fed even for the short time I had learned it. I can only imagine the difficulty one must face in joining the Church after a lifetime of fundamentalist inoculation. After many months of dryness and ignoring these feelings, I decided I would once and for all figure out this question. I decided to read the entire Catechism, and I did exactly that. I read it over a period of about 3 months, cover to cover. I came to points in the book I could not agree with, and I would get upset and anxious, like I normally do when something disturbs my peace of mind. I would wait until I was calm then explore it, and internalize it. After doing this throughout the book, and praying for the truth, I could no longer deny truth. I knew in my heart that I could never go back to being protestant, but I still was too cowardly to admit I wanted to be Catholic... I resolved then and there I would let go of my pride and join the Church.
After making the decision to become Catholic some months ago, I have been attending RCIA classes and reading anything Church related I can get my hands on. My faith and walk with Christ has only grown stronger, and not weaker. I know that once I can get the sacraments it will only get better. Praise God for leading me to truth, especially when I fought so hard against it."

-from user Chris_Rendall, posts 17, 18

"I needed something more in life. There was a void. I knew it was spiritual so I thought a long time about it. My grandparents were Orthodox and I would go to church with them... But there was still something missing. I knew it. I called our local RCC to find out when RCIA classes started. Then I went. It was like I was drawn to the church. After the initial period we went to part of the mass every week for the readings and discussions. There was never pressure to join. But I knew I would from the first time I stepped into the church. There was no question in my mind. Each class passed and I felt like I was home. It was a comforting feeling. With my husband going through cancer and he still is.. it held me together. The more I learned the more I wanted to be Catholic.
First confession was daunting and I had a lot of sins to confess and some big ones. But afterwards, well it was like I was lighter and free and happy again.
My priest said, I listened to what the Holy Spirit had tried to tell me for years. To come home to the Catholic Church but this time I heard him."

-from user stormy99, post 25

"I knew that the truth had to exist in a church so I kept seeking. Then I starting attending a cell church. It was a fundamentalist church that believed in the gifts of the Spirit. One night after a service one of the members said he had a 'word' for me. He told me to stand up, then he laid his hand on my head and told me that I was going to take a spiritual journey in a few months that would change my life forever. ...But then, for no reason at all I started weeping and my whole body started shaking. The folks there had to lead me back to my chair because my legs were so weak I couldn't walk. They said your face is glowing! What is going on?? I said I have no clue.
...Three months later after leaving the cell church I was in RCIA. That word I was given had come to pass. A year and two months later I was confirmed. I literally knew the meaning of 'Rome Sweet Home' then because I kept feeling like I was HOME. It was so wonderful. That night, while I was lying in bed, I heard a Voice and It said 'Welcome Home'. I know with every fiber of my being that It was the Holy Spirit."

-from user Theodosia33, post 26

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