Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is this Blog?

I began collecting accounts and descriptions of spiritual experiences from people of many religions because I wanted to better understand my own experiences.  I wanted to know- do people in other religions have spiritual experiences like mine?  What were people in other faiths experiencing?  What was different about their spiritual experiences, and what was the same?  This blog is part of that collection. I have not posted all the testimonies I've collected.

Many of these testimonies come from longer posts.  In editing, I tried to show mainly the portions that are relevant to spiritual experiences and conversion.  In some cases, I made edits for grammar or readability, but I tried my best to communicate what I believe the authors intended.  I have also provided links to the original sources with each quote wherever possible.

Clearly, this collection cannot represent the full range of spiritual experiences for any given faith or religion.  I have collected experiences that I feel are relevant to mine in some way.  In addition, it was easier to find testimonies for some faiths than for others.  Perhaps some faiths have more spiritual experiences than others.  Perhaps some simply articulate those experiences differently, or are less likely to share them.  My intent is not to discuss which experiences are "correct", rather, my hope is that this blog will create a greater sense of perspective, understanding, and empathy.  I hope you read these accounts with compassion and a sincere desire to appreciate another person's point of view.

Please be respectful if you decide to comment.  Thank you for visiting Testimonies of Other Faiths!

  -Faith Observer

PS- Please let me know if you find broken links or other problems with the website.  I have archived just about everything.


  1. I applaud your purpose in this blog. It is so important to understand that people of all faiths (and many of no faith at all) have legitimate, meaningful, spiritual and religious experiences.

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  3. Thanks, Jonathan! This was something I didn't understand for a lot of my life. I hope it is meaningful to someone.