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Christians Discuss- What Does the Holy Spirit Feel Like?

"Generally speaking, when the Spirit speaks, people recognize the message as coming from God.  So the first thing I’d say is the Holy Spirit feels like truth.
The Spirit is described in various parts of scripture as fire, power, faith, peace, joy, fullness, or holiness (the seal of God’s promise in and on us).  All these things come from God and when the Spirit makes His presence known we usually feel at least some of these things in some way or another.
In most cases in scripture the arrival of the Spirit is followed immediately by someone speaking God’s word or prophesying.  The Spirit of God brings God’s word, and when the Spirit inspires, it feels impossible to keep quiet about the Word.
The Spirit is, truly and literally, God within us.  Sometimes a person can sense the presence of a Being far greater than can be imagined; I’m sure when the Spirit touches us, He holds back a great deal otherwise we’d be completely overwhelmed.
In conjunction with healing and other miracles, the presence of the Spirit is often described as 'warmth', 'a tingling sensation', 'electrical' or 'breathtaking'."

-from Getting Started blog, “What Does the Holy Spirit Feel Like?”, by Peg

From comments on the article:

"There is no better mental or physical experience than that of the Holy Spirit. The enormous peace and joy that engulfs your mind and body is something that’s unexplainable; it has to be experienced by the believer."

-from blog user Dorothy

"It was like a warm oil filling my body via the top middle of my head and lowering slowly to fill my whole body. When my body was filled human words could not possibly explain how perfect it was and how happy I became. I remember saying if this is what heaven is like, I want to go straight there. It was unexplainable. I knew it was GOD, I knew it was the truth, I knew it was perfect. Since then, I am still the same person, except I believe in GOD 100%, I have absolutely no fear, I love all the time, even when times are tough, and sad. My emotions are more sensitive and maxed out. I have more understanding of life, and I see everything in a better light. My life is still the same, but it does not worry me or concern me as I know there is something much better beyond this life."

-from blog user Mark

"I felt a warm tingling sensation that started in my head and moved to the rest of my body – similar to the sensation of taking a relaxing hot shower. This was accompanied by so many tears of joy that I had to stop singing but continued to mouth the words out of love for God. This was the first time I had ever experienced joy to the point of weeping, so it all seemed very strange. Looking around I could see others were experiencing the same tears of joy."

-from blog user Tom

"When I first started feeling this holy spirit is when I got saved and was unaware of what is was, it felt like best way for me to explain it was when I sung songs gospel songs or prayed to GOD I would feel something like oil being poured over my head and continuing down my torso – body.
It was not a warm feeling or electricity feeling but a presence like I said like oil being poured on my head and flowing downward my body I feel very peaceful when it happens not scared and sometimes I get like a smile so powerful like happyness feeling.
In some way people could I guess descibe it as tingly but I strongly feel it feels more like a presence to me at least.
I asked alot of christians about it and some answer me saying it is the holy spirit and others I asked say they never felt it, I hope it is from GOD and thats what I strongly feel"

-from blog user Robert

"You will probably be familiar with this feeling, the warm buzzing, vibrating kind of physical feeling that you may have felt in Church before, or when you have been on your own praying etc. I personally associate this feeling to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Whenever I am in communion with the Spirit of God, this feeling is with me. In actual fact, this feeling is with me pretty much all the time. Except whenever I have grieved the Holy Spirit, this feeling leaves me.
...I said Holy Spirit show me how and where I begin getting to know the Father. Immediately that buzzing was there, it was all over my body. It wasn’t full on, it was clearly there, but not overwhelmingly so. I began to say “my spirit to your spirit Holy Spirit” and I said this over and over, then all of a sudden, it had taken over. My entire physical body felt as if it wasn’t there anymore, my eyes were closed, but I could feel the Glory and presence of God right before me, and it was lifting me up.
...I felt so humbled, and grateful to be given such an opportunity to experience God like this. The Holy Spirit was telling me, that to get to the know the Father, you start with praise. You praise him for the wonderful blessings, and lessons he has brought to your life. You start with loving the Father and the Son. You allow them into your life, and they will show you exactly how much they love you.
This experience was unlike anything I have ever felt before in my life. And before that night, there was always doubt. A little bit of doubt, not much but it was there. Now there is none.  My life has changed so much in such a short amount of time, all because I listen to those thoughts that enter my mind...  A little voice comes in and convicts me of that, and tells me that’s not the right thing to do. I listen to myself when I feel bad because I havent read the bible in a few days. You know. I listen to the word of God when things jump out at me, and are applicable to my situation at the time. These things are all the Holy Spirit."

-from blog user Victoria

A woman describes her experiences with the Holy Spirit:

"This whole week I’ve been blogging about the Holy Spirit.  I can’t stop thinking about Him. I’m so awed by whom He is and all that He does for me.  I reflected back on all the interaction I’ve had with Him.  My first big shocking interaction was when my husband spoke in tongues and then I did.  It was so shocking and so exciting.  I knew speaking in tongues was real because the language was so beautiful and I know I could not have made that up on my own.
The experience went through every part of my body.  I was so excited that all I wanted to do was pray to God.  The Holy Spirit also manifested Himself to me in other ways.  We truly have a very close relationship.  It wasn’t that He was only in me… but through me and all over me.
The Holy Spirit not only reveals Himself to me in prayer…  but at so many other times…  His counsel to me has been incredible.  He advises me every day about something.  I have felt His arms around me when I needed comfort.
 In my singing ministry…I walk up to the microphone to sing and sometimes I’m not feeling up to par… I start singing and halfway through the song I feel the Holy Spirit fill me and I know then that the music has gone to another level.  I feel like we are singing and not just me.  I feel the congregation feels His presence too.  Sometimes I get so nervous before I have to sing and I ask Him if He’s with me and He makes me know in some unique way that He‘s with me.  Sometimes I can feel Him escort me up to sing and other times like I said…He manifests Himself while I sing.
...The Holy Spirit has even showed me a vision of Himself when I first committed myself to the Lord.  ...He will always be with me and will be there the day I die which is so comforting to me.  I am always in the presence of my God."

-from the blog, "God Speaks, I Listen", by Tanya Nemley

From Yahoo Answers question, "What does the presence of the Holy Spirit feel like?"

"I have been really blessed to feel the Holy Spirit twice. I asked God to come into my life again because I was feeling a void. I was spiritually thirsty for Him. The next morning when I woke up, I felt the Holy Spirit! To make it short, it feels like peace, knowledge (of God), love, electricity from head to toe, fire burning inside you, happiness, peace, joy, safety... Emotions humans don't even have words for. I felt all of these. Some people feel one of these, or a couple, or all. It is a truly beautiful feeling and experience."

-from Yahoo user Sstrom

"Really I think it's like different from person to person. Also it's kind of like indescribable sometimes. You just feel have this calmness in times of trouble, you feel like someone is always watching over you, idk it's really not like anything else so I can't really describe it. The best thing I could say is that it feels better than without having the Holy Spirit (and I do partially know what that feels like). God bless :)"

-from Yahoo user S

"Like being enveloped in Light and Glory. Some of my friends have fallen down under god's power when someone has prayed for them and those who continue to rest on carpet feel cocooned in amazing peace, some experience a sense of being cleansed or healed. Some have been healed of a physical complaint.My husband has had a powerful vision - it involved seeing the steps of God's throne and his robe flowing down the steps, also he saw Christ standing by him and then experienced the Power of the Holy Spirit! The Spirit settled on him like a calming, soothing, cleansing coverlet which seemed to seep through his flesh into his very soul!  ...It was a Trinitarian experience of God!
...In worship I have a sense of great love, glory and the perfection of Heaven. So many of us are so overwhelmed at these beautiful times that tears roll down our faces. Sometimes I feel as though i want to weep heartily and noisily with all my might!
I ask myself - 'Why this compulsion to weep?' - It is because the love, glory and pefection that we feel is in such stark but wonderful and stunning contrast to the sorrows, pain and sheer evil that we all experience to some degree in this life. The sense of wonder and Joy seems to be too Pure and Perfect for the human heart to handle! It truly is fantastic! Some people get almost addicted to worship because it links you in a very intimate way with God. Charismatic worshippers when in praise song, often close their eyes, engrossed in the presence of God."

-from Yahoo user Yorkshire Lass

"Very happy :)
It's hard to explain because the happiness you feel (from the Holy Spirit) is nothing of this world. The happiness just makes you want to praise God :)"

-from Yahoo user Jesus = only way to salvation

"An overwhelming presence of love and happiness. So overwhelming, that words can't justify it. It's truly remarkable."

-from Yahoo user Barry Obama

"Tingles to me but its different for everyone He is a personal God"

-from Yahoo user Kylie


"When I experience the Holy Ghost for the first time I felt that fire or an intense feeling that starts from the pit of your stomach and spreads throughout the body.
Not a fire that feels like it's burning you alive from the inside out...No!
Just an intense warmth or tingling sensation that can be at times breath taking. Do not forget however, that this was and still is what the presence of the Holy Ghost feels like for me.
...When the presence of the Holy Spirit is manifested it also fills you with this sense of peace and joy, or belonging and purpose, and leaves you feeling complete and empowered.
...The Holy Spirit presence embraces you like the comfort of a friend. It feels like a very real presence that accompanies you throughout your day."

-from "What does the Holy Spirit Presence feel like?"

From the Revolutionary Faith Blog:

"Whenever I’m worshiping in the Spirit, it literally feels like a river is flowing out of my belly–a river flowing with life. Some people might find that description unsettling, but it’s really the most comforting and freeing sensation imaginable. The barrier between God and my flesh is temporarily removed, and I commune deeply with Him.
...When the Holy Spirit is stirred inside of me, all of my anxieties and frustrations melt away. I feel excited about doing God’s work and want to humble myself in worship. He speaks His vision to my heart and gives me hope for the future. Sometimes, the joy I feel is so great that I want to dance. But even more than that, the Holy Spirit surrounds me with His gentleness and compassion. His words may challenge me to eschew sin, but He’s never harsh or manipulative.
...I have experienced... boldness when sharing the gospel with others. Sometimes, it’s like a warm, raging fire in my chest.
...Sometimes when the Holy Spirit is stirred within me, I feel ecstatic–like I could float right up through the ceiling. At other times, I sense a sober and weighty formality. That formality, I believe, comes from God’s glory. God’s presence is a very humbling thing.
...And that’s what the Holy Spirit feels like. He is a river of living water. He is a consuming fire. He is gentle, patient and loving. He brings insight, healing, freedom, boldness and joy. He reveals the glory of God."

-from "What does the Holy Spirit feel like?", by April K

"Then, at the final service, God shattered all of my preconceived notions about experiencing His presence. I always thought that I had to feel something: a weight, an elation, a loss of my senses. After all, most of my faith experience at this point had involved some kind of emotionalism. But none of that happened. God showed me that I could experience Him with my physical senses–emotions not needed.
...I began praying with a woman from my church, waiting to feel God’s presence bubbling up in my soul. But I felt nothing but a cold void inside of me...
And then...
I heard someone singing. It was nice. Very nice. Beautiful. Heavenly, in fact. Arresting. The sound grew louder, more intense. It was the most beautiful singing I had ever heard. Who was that?
...The other women began to hear it, too.
...Soon, I could count six distinct voices...  And the sound grew more intense by the minute. I could feel vibrations in my chest. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes.
And the sound. My God. There was nothing like it. I remember hearing Charlotte Church sing when I was a kid. This blew her out of the water. These were operatic voices with no vibrato. Perfectly pure. Divine. These were angels singing.
I didn’t run around the chapel. I didn’t leap or wave my arms. I didn’t shout in tongues. I didn’t fall out or roll on the floor. Instead, I simply sat and listened with my jaw on the floor. Many of the women were crying and praising God. Thirty-five out of the 38 women at the service said they heard the singing. The next day, some of them reported seeing wings and other visions during that time. I heard a deep, thundering voice speak at the peak of the singing, but what it said, I can’t fully recall or express it in English."

-from "My Faith Experience: Part 2", by April K


  1. I have never told anyone my story. I was taking a shower one day and just thinking random thoughts like what errands I had to do, what I was going to have for dinner, ect. when I just randomly thought to myself, "God, I love you so much". The feeling that came over me cannot be put into words. I didn't feel love but an overwhelming feeling of peace. I had no stress, no worries, nothing but complete peace. I actually stopped showering and said out loud to myself, "What is this? What is going on?" I couldn't even feel the water hitting my back. I just looked around and enjoyed it for about 20 seconds. I finished showering, got dressed and knelt down at the foot of my bed and told God thank you for that experience. If this is even remotely what it feels like to be Heaven, we are in for a real treat and experience that is going to be so wonderful.

    May God Bless you and your families.

    1. The mysteries of God always has you asking for more.

  2. That sounds like it was a very powerful and important experience. Thank you for sharing it, Brad!

  3. Being filled up with the Holy Spirit, like warmth, peace, joy, electricity,sometimes shaking, an overwhelming sense of my heavenly Father's love for me, feeling wrapped up in a big heavenly cuddle, sometimes with tears, sometimes a song bubbles up out of nowhere, just worshipping my lovely Jesus, causes me to feel His love and compassion for people I get led to pray with and share Jesus with

    1. I could never get enough. I prayed for hours just because I wanted too. That's how great it is.

  4. I feel so honored to have been able to experience the holy spirit. For me Its been like a strong presence inside of me That takes over my body and makes me feel safe and peaceful. All my worries and anxiety go instantly and i no longer remember them ....Sometimes when I have my arms lifted Ive felt like if they were being lifted up higher and higher and I no longer have control over them but they move and are hold by him. Other times I have felt like electricity in my body and incredible joy That I just cant contain...

    1. I remember my first time having the holy spirit. Whenever I hear anything about the Lord my eyes would well up with happiness. Couldn't stop. Its just so intetesting. Thank you for your post.

  5. I was doing a senior portrait photography shoot, and found myself at a little wooden chapel in the middle of the woods, on Washington Island, Wisconsin. Before my client came up the path, I went in, and sat, and prayed. The feeling I got, was nothing I've ever felt before. I was completely calm, I'd never felt such a peace, he told at the same time, the energy flowing through me was almost to much to contain. I felt like my chest was going to burst, my heart was the fullest it's ever been. It was the most incredible experience, and I have no doubt that it was the Holy Spirit.

    1. I told someone when you get it, trust me you will know. I'm happy the holy spirit gas glazed yor spirit and thank you for your post.

  6. My story with the dwelling of the holy spirit begins with my first baptism. I decided it was time to attune myself with God's will. I was ready to spiritually die to old self and raise up a new person unto the Lord. So I did. I gave Our Savior my hardest prayer. A person asked me did I feel the holy spirit . At the time, I didn't know what I was looking to feel anything, just forgiveness. A bit of discourage came upon me, and the gentleman said keep asking for it. Its a sure thing. That's what I did for months. Seek it, and not focusing on it. Reading(bible), and praying nearly everyday. Finding my mistakes and how our Father wants me to handle them instead. Standing still until our Lord says we can move. My wife and I just got married 2 months before this blissful day, but on a Sunday our great Lord blessed both of us to experience that eternal spring of non-quenching water that the holy spirit is described to be at the same time, also speak in tongues. That was totally worth the wait and it opened mine and my wife eyes to what almighty God we serve. Full of mystery that we can't see in one's life-time. I love you My Lord, My King, My Everything!

    1. I was lost for words on that day. It was something I didn't know of or wasn't expecting at all to happen. I am truly blessed that you have become the way you are with our Lord, because you have helped me through this journey. I was raised a Christian, reading the bible, going to church every Sunday and believing in God. But what does that all matter without truly committing yourself and having a personal relationship with our Lord. It was then and until now, when I saw and experienced what it was like to be a true Christian, not only to believe but to practice what I read all those years. I am blessed with the Holy Spirit this wonderful waterfall feeling that I receive every time. When I learned about his works, I asked for more and more. It is more I am receiving along with mist and feeling of water going through my body. Some people call it magic, has something to do with science, or something else. We all know what it is. Who he is, and how amazing his works truly are. I am not ashamed to now be outspoken about my beliefs or share with others my testimony. He is the Alpha Omega, the King, the love of my life, and I will always love and live my life for him.

  7. Whenever I feel the Holy Spirit it's always in prayer, deep prayer, which I usually do in the shower. I have this tired feeling. As if I've been holding something heavy for a long period of time and unable to sit. It's as though I can't lift my arms. All I want is to lay down. At first I was very nervous because I didn't know what it was but, my mother is highly spiritual and informed me that it is the Holy Spirit letting me know that he is present.

    1. I know everybody's experience for the Holy Spirit different, but could you recall what it felt like?

  8. Whenever I feel the Holy Spirit it's always in prayer, deep prayer, which I usually do in the shower. I have this tired feeling. As if I've been holding something heavy for a long period of time and unable to sit. It's as though I can't lift my arms. All I want is to lay down. At first I was very nervous because I didn't know what it was but, my mother is highly spiritual and informed me that it is the Holy Spirit letting me know that he is present.

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  10. Thank you for sharing these experiences!

  11. Pray that the holy spirit will renew himself in me. Thank you 8

    1. Will do Jack hake :) I'm going to back track to how I got the Holy Spirit to begin with. His Word is true & just.

    2. is anyone still following this post

    3. I still check in periodically.