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Non-Religion Based Spiritual Experiences

These experiences are not explicitly connected to any religion.

"When I started my journey, I read books on all kinds of religions. At one time I was scared to death about things, mostly after I read the bible...
While on my journey, I was asking God what the truth was. I mean I was angry and I truly wanted to know. After a few weeks, I stumbled onto a web site that talked about the very things I was curious about. It answered my questions in a way that I had not heard of before. I read everything on the web site and I even tried the experiment of asking God for His love, His Divine Love. After about 6 weeks, I felt a burning in my chest and a sensation that was unlike anything I had ever felt. It was pure happiness and peace. I knew then that God had sent His love to me...
As I absorbed the information on that site, pondered over it, I knew that Love was the key to heaven. I knew that nothing else mattered but Love. I soon discovered other web sites that also talked of Divine Love and how important it was that we acquire it in our souls. These other sites also describe heaven and how we progress to attain perfection."

-from city-data forum user Reverend1111

"I was just doing some exploring to help me understand what happened to me the other day. I am not a very religious person. I was driving my car the other day just listing to the radio and out of nowhere I got this feeling of total peace in my mind and body then I felt a hand on my shoulder, without even thinking for a split second I said out loud to myself 'I just found God'. I truly believe God was present with me. I felt that hand on my right shoulder for a good few hours. I was so happy relaxed and at peace. At that moment I also had a thought that everything is ok and that I am protected and I didn't have a fear in the world because I now know that God will protect me from all things.  I am just amazed at how this feeling came out of nowhere."

-from Anonymous comment 8 on article, "Feeling God's Presence", on

"Vauxhall station on a murky November Friday evening is not the setting one would choose for a revelation of God! … The third-class compartment was full. I cannot remember any particular thought processes which may have led up to the great moment. For a few seconds only (I suppose) the whole compartment was filled with light. I felt caught up into some tremendous sense of being within a loving, triumphant and shining purpose … In a few moments the glory had departed — all but one curious, lingering feeling. I loved everybody in that compartment. It sounds silly now, and indeed I blush to write it, but at that moment I think I would have died for any one of the people in that compartment. I seemed to sense the golden worth in them all."

-from "The Common Experience", by John Cohen and Jean-Francis Phillips, quoted on

"In learning about transcendental meditation, I found very quickly access to a deeper state of happiness which is very profound and absolute...  What it felt to me was like the disolution of the idea of myself.  I felt like separateness evaporated.  I felt this tremendous sense of oneness.  ...Through meditation, I felt this sort of beautiful serenity and selfless connection.  You know, my tendency toward selfishness- I felt... that exposed as a superficial and pointless perspective to have.  I felt a very relaxed sense of oneness...  I felt love...  Love for myself, but also love for everybody else.  A constant sense of absolute love between all of us.  This for me is a beautiful thing."

-"Russel Brand talks about Transcendental Meditation at Operation Warrior Wellness Launch", starting at 3:20, transcribed from video

"One day I was reading a book on Solitude on computer. It was a fresh morning. I was alone in the house. mind started to become calm and relaxed & I went in a heightened state of awareness where every thing was seeming one... Everything was connected to everything else. A sort of immense bliss was streaming throughout my entire being. I was feeling extreme love for everyone. My consciousness had become totally radiant and alive. It was great inner silence. Thoughts were there but not so frantic as they were used to be. Everything was seeming so beautiful... So clear... As if I had got a new vision... That I had never experienced it before. It was as if a child looking at the world first time... The fog of ego lifted up and the truth has revealed. It was the experience of total bliss, peace, power, content and much more than I could ever explain. The time had completely stopped for a while. I had a deep feeling... I have always been here for centuries and will always be here... I am home. Everything was just PERFECT as if some kind of mysterious puzzle has got solved.  ...This was first time I knew the meaning of PERFECTION in my life. I was experiencing a sense of vastness or limitlessness. I was feeling that I am God for short time... My body is mere a costume and I am beyond this costume... I am in everyone and everywhere at the same time... Everyone including trees, mountains, people are my projections wearing different costumes. I am endless. First time I was experiencing that... God is not in temple or church... He is not mere in the form of idols. He is in me and everyone and everywhere...that's it. He is formless. I can feel now with deep conviction that I KNOW GOD!
A person who has never eaten a chocolate in his lifetime since birth, how can we explain him in words 'HOW DOES IT TASTE?'...I am in the same situation right now. Only personal experience mere can give a real TASTE.
It was immense joyous state without reason. I wished this state would never end.
...It had immense power to transform my life permanently. Till now though that experience has faded away completely, It has left its traces behind in my soul. It is just an unforgettable day in my life...
...Since that day I changed completely. My outlook has become more positive, less angry, less worried. That experience freed me permanently from past hurts. My nature has become more accepting, loving towards people and situations. Ego fluctuations do come, but do not rise to that peak like before. It loses its grip on me. The ego itself feels powerless. Whenever ego arises my awareness harness it & immediately I find the way to peace and things starts seeming perfect.
I feel compassion and love for everyone whom I was hating before. I try to see the positive side of the people. I do not get upset when people do wrong things. I tell myself "Forgive them, they haven't experienced God. They are behaving from their own level of awareness."
I have become more peaceful, efficient, confident and creative. I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. I enjoy being myself. I do take care of my SELF and fulfill its needs.
I wish everybody in the world should get at least a glimpse of such experience in their journey. I am very grateful that I have had such experience."

-from, "Be Still And Know... I Am God", by megh

"I am like the Queen of upclose and personal, direct Divine Revelations.  Only years later did I find out that a group of Christians had labels or names for such things...(I opened a Bible in 2006, don't like religions or groups...I think that's where I came up with the word 'Revelation', even...)  What I took for granted for decades was 'God' opening the Doors of Perception in my Mind/Brain....others called 'Grace' or the 'Holy Spirit'...and they also had that 'look'.... like me....HAPPY, EXCITED, innocently childlike and full of humble wonderment.  Why? Bec we had our socks blown off!!! And 'saw'....our spiritual eyes were opened to Reality!
I sure didn't open them...they were the Divine, for lack of a better word.
...this is pretty special stuff to speak person I usually well up and get pretty emotional...bec it is obvious....I was/am so blessed.
Mostly bec of these Sacred Experiences and all He blesses me with and because of His Divine Presence He allows me to perceive and bathe in...I adore my Father...I worship Him...

 I have sent you a brief description of one major Divine Visitation.  That is all I will share, there are too, too many.  I will say to you and here...when a person is gifted to receive Divine Insight, it is an automatic by product to 'see' all the religions, no matter the culture, no matter the lingo...all are about This Divine Being, called by many Names.  There are no more boundaries, limitations due to another's beliefs.  You see and now know the Oneness that permeates all creation...  There's no more even caring what others think or believe...bec there is a peace of knowing all is well and perfect and like all the streams that are...we are also going back to our Source, our Creator God...
Our lives are forever changed and we have touched the Joy and Peace that IS the Creator.

...Religions and beliefs mean nothing when you love God within and without you.  The main thing in this life is the intimacy we have with our Father, Source, God.  It places debates and man's limited concepts and drawn lines in perspective for what they are, imo.

...There are too many ridiculous limits humans place on themselves...and thus project onto others....'this is the correct religion, this one is not.  This ritual is pleasing to God, this is not.  God is a Blue Boy with a flute, no He is limitless...  The only way to God is this way, no it is that way.'
When someone gets their socks blown off with a direct up close and personal experience of the Divine Presence....they see God was, is before time before earth, before humans....there are no 'ways' or rituals or beliefs anyone needs to have...just love and acknowledge 'Him' and you will be one connected and happy soul."

-from city-data user Miss Hepburn, posts 14, 35, 37, and 58.  Most ellipses in original.

"On the night of the massacre at the Branch Davidian Compound I was dangerously angry... I decided to meditate on it, hoping I could find some rationale for what had happened.
As I was meditating I felt myself floating... I was in darkness but soon felt the presence of beings around me. Eventually, the light was bright enough that I could see and I found myself in the company of several women of various ages... I found myself in a very large circular room also made of alabaster that opened onto a beautiful landscape of trees, grassland, flowers and a stream. The air was warm and pleasantly scented.
As I stood there in awe of the beauty of the vista I noticed a soft glowing shape beginning to take form... It grew brighter and brighter and I began to feel so much love; a kind of contentment that I have never known in the real world. I began to cry. The light, now formed the general shape of a female, but it was so bright that I could not really look directly at 'her'. I also have to say that the form did not appear solid but swirled and moved like fog only very bright.
She asked me why I had come. Through my tears I said that I did not understand why such terrible things as Waco had to happen, how could mothers allow their children to be killed. The entity then pointed to a statue off to my left that I had not noticed before. It was of a man in the greco-roman style. The stone however was covered with mold and pitted. It looked rotten and ready to crumble. 'Do you see this?' She asked. Before I could answer she stroked the arm of the statue and the mold and rotten parts began to fall away. Soon, the statue looked new and beautiful; then it became flesh, smiled at me and walked down into the trees, out of sight.
'I don't understand.' I said.
'My hand is in all things.' I was told. 'There is nothing that happens that I do not see. There is nothing that exists that is beyond saving.' She then asked me did I understand. I said no, not really. She explained that again that her hand is in ALL things.
...At that, she turned away from me as if to view the scenery and I found myself, with a thump, back in my room. I still could feel the overwhelming love. I was still crying. But, I was not angry anymore... Those are the things I felt. I am not sure if I got the message right."

-from Unexplained Mysteries forum user jaguarsky, post 9

"I had my first spiritual experience when I was 16 years old. I was sitting up late one night having a conversation with my mother about something I can’t remember, when for no apparent reason, the doors of perception opened WIDE. In no time I was swept up in an ocean of ecstasy that seemed infinite. I also experienced many insights that unfolded one after the other.
One of them was very interesting. It became apparent to me that all points in space are exactly the same place. In other words, from the temporarily enlightened perspective I was experiencing that evening, it became obvious that no matter where I went on earth or in the universe, at the deepest level, I would always be in exactly the same place.
At the time, intellectually, I had no idea what this meant. All I knew was that from this state of heightened awareness, what I was perceiving was absolutely true."

-from "The Only Place in the Universe", by Andrew Cohen

"This is my personal experience of the Impersonal that I was so lucky to live when I was in Bali - Indonesia in 1986.
...One morning, I decided to rent a little motorbike to have a look round the island.
From the start of this ride round the island, I was in a meditative frame of mind. It was not a mere ride, but a meditation. I was in a state of deep peace, without cares, without worries of any sort. My spirit was totally calm. I was living for the present moment, here and now.
...The road rolled out in front of me, through ever more magnificent landscapes. I was still chugging along on my old machine at 10 - 15 km/hour when, seemingly for a fraction of a second, everything around me went completely black. The world as I had seen it up to then had totally disappeared. Then, suddenly, I emerged into a Sublime White Light, a new state of consciousness, a new state of being where everything was Perfect Light, Perfect Unity, Perfect Life. Human forms, nature, trees, plants, animals and stones were, in truth, Light. Their shapes were still there but were no longer living by themselves. They were a manifestation of Life and of the Eternal and Universal Light that animates all things.
Everything was now bathed in Perfect Light, Life, Harmony and Unity. And I gradually became aware of the fact that I, too, as a physical body, a human being, was a manifestation and expression of this Life and Infinite Light.
But I was also infinitely more than this mortal body, this little human personality. I was Soul or Divine fragment. I was also this Light, this infinite Life. I was the life of all Lives. I was the other human being, nature, the animal, the tree, the flower, the blade of grass, the grain of sand, the stone, the mountain, the ocean, the stars in the universe, the whole universe and much more besides. I was Infinite, Unlimited.
There were no more thoughts, no more breathing, no more emotions. I was beyond the mind, beyond breathing, beyond emotions, beyond the duality of good and evil, man and woman, darkness and light, beyond life and death. In One's Supreme Self, the Ultimate Reality. In the Absolute Evidence.
I was bathed in a Silence of Unfathomable Depth and Intensity, which is Eternal Eloquence. That Silence taught me without words, by deliciously intense waves of Love and Bliss. It Is Infinite Presence. Perfect Peace. In a Perfect Unity, it made me aware that I am Soul, Infinite, Unlimited, Immortal, Eternal, Indestructible. Eternally and perfectly happy, peaceful and free.
All cares, all thoughts, all worries, all fears and all desires had completely disappeared. The very idea of death no longer existed. The past and future were no more. I also became aware that in this blessed state, I was beyond space and time. I was at once point A and point B and beyond. I was omnipresent. I was eternal.
I was in the eternal present, Here and Now.
...Nowadays, I realise that this body is just a vehicle allowing the Divine Soul, that we all are, to be incarnate in this world, in this space-time, for a short period of time. A garment we put on at birth and which we cast off when it is worn out, in a process we call death.
...All desires had totally disappeared. Love, Happiness, Peace and the perfect, eternal and indestructible Freedom in which I was submerged had no beginning and no end and could not be destroyed, as they are the very nature of Life, one's Divine Self.
I was perfectly satisfied and would have liked to live in that state for all eternity, whatever the physical and human condition. Nothing else mattered any more. I did not have love, happiness, peace and freedom to be taken away or destroyed. I was Love, Happiness, Peace and perfect, eternal and indestructible Freedom.
...As I rode quietly along, I became aware that I was beyond the cycle of reincarnations, the cycle of successive births and deaths. It is impossible to describe with words. Quite simply, I saw and knew it in the deepest part of my being."

-from "A Personal Spiritual Experience", by user alainbadan

"Several Weeks ago I had the most profound experience of my life!
..I've questioned since the age of 6; who am I, why are we here, what are we really, why the planets, extra, extra. I've always known that I am something other, something different then this human body.
..I started a journey, I was guided to read Law of Attraction again, each book gave me different learnings & aspects, I dug deep within my soul to release unwanted attachments I've built up throughout the years. I asked questions to the universe & it kindly gave me all the answers within minutes or the next day, SMACK BANG in front of me! That alone was awesome in itself.
...Leading up to the night of my experience I had the most powerful feeling from the pit of my stomach, my explaining is pure energy that wanted to burst out of me! I couldn't explain it any other way.
...In bed, lights off, TV on and mobile in hand, messaging my sister in-law, I remember saying I'm going to burst in a minute with this energy surging through me.
...Instantly I felt this energy rise from my belly, as this was happening I heard a voice say 'Let Go' and 'This is what I meant to be doing' talking, sharing, teaching, coaching what was about to happen to me. This energy traveled all the way from my belly up my spine and came out from the top of my head, this all happened very quickly and their I was looking down at my body, as well as seeing everything else in that room, but also a part of the room, the walls, windows, bed, TV, duvet, I knew I was a part of this body but I was not my body.
I was no longer this body I thought to be true, I was & am this pure loving energy immersed with oneness the source, the universe, energy, God, so many names and so many labels, it all points to the same thing.
...The feelings are truly incredible nothing that the human mind or our senses could understand in an intellectual way, be blessed that you have these 5 main senses as well as our thinking our thoughts!
...I instantly saw right in front of me who we truly are, I saw the divided split, on one side the self the other who we truly are, this pure loving, blissful powerful energy, the essence of what we are.
When I say self I mean everything we think to be true, our character, characteristic's, our past, experiences, future, beliefs, likes, dislikes, desires, EVERYTHING! The self as I knew it to be Kerry had shattered into a million pieces, what was left is our true essence.
...The first few days was a massive shift for me, all my attachments, likes, dislikes, longings, desires, dreams, fears all vanished gone! It was only until someone said, pointed out that I didn't like something or it used to piss me off that I would remember I didn't, or I read something or watched a film I would remember I didn't like that or I had a fear around something.
To this day I still have rememberings of things I like and dislike pop up, fears, things that scared me, it's truly amazing when this happens as I'm stilling their trying to get these raw feelings how I used to think and feel about them.
I fear nothing, I'm scared of nothing.
...It's now been several weeks since my experience, every day I learn more insights about life, I have massive downloads of more knowledge and wisdom about my life and of others and of the world, the most profound thing, I now have this permanent knowing feeling, for you the easiest way to explain is that gut feeling, for me its permanently on all the time, I can feel people's energy, I can see peoples lessons in life, their directions, each day this awesome understanding grows and grows."
-from "My Spiritual Awakening - Life~ What This Means Now", by Kerry Mears

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