Thursday, October 9, 2014

Noahide Spiritual Experiences

This is a testimony of the Noahide book, "The Garden of Emuna".  This man prayed to know whether doctrinal a book written by his Pastor or the book "The Garden of Emuna" held the Truth.

"Until six months ago, I was a member of a Protestant church here in Tennessee. Our pastor, a highly respected individual with a PhD in Divinity, wrote a hand book describing the main doctrines of the church...  I had a business appointment with a colleague in Alabama. I... saw this eye-catching book on his desk. The name of the book was 'Garden of Emuna'.  By the way, my colleague is not Jewish; he's a Noahide. I had never heard the term Noahide before, and he explained to me that these are non-Jews that simply believe in the Jewish concept of the One God, with no additions or subtractions.
...I ordered a copy of the book for myself, which by miracle arrived within 96 hours to my home. I read it three times. The truth simply felt like a glove that fit. But, years of conditioning left me with doubts. I took the book's advice and went down to the river for secluded personal prayer. I held the pastor's manual in one hand, and the Garden of Emuna in the other hand. I cried, 'Dear Lord, please show me the truth!' I thought that an hour went by, but by the time I finished praying, three hours went by. I never felt so exhilarated in my life. Such simplicity - The Lord, Emuna, and me. All the pieces of the vast puzzle just came into place in my mind. I didn't have any lightning-struck revelation, but I walked away knowing the truth. I threw the pastor's hand book in the river. Then, I immersed myself in the river and declared myself in my heart a pure believer of God, nothing more and nothing less."

-a letter from JT, "Show me the truth!"

A non-Jew studies Torah and attends Synagogue.  These experiences lead him to become Noahide.

"Having attended the weekly shi’ur for about 18 months, I reached a point where I wanted to attend a service, to acknowledge and give thanks to HaShem, G-d, for all that He is and does.  For anyone who loves G-d, the service in itself is awe-inspiring...  You can feel the energy shift as He responds to the call.
...When I first started attending, the next few days would be framed in peace and a sense of connection with something greater than self – a very loud quietness.   It was a noticeable energetic shift that I had not experienced before...  Although one may enter into Torah spirituality for more self-focused reasons, the more s/he moves into its practices and teachings, the more this presence can be felt.
What blows my socks off every day is the fact that, through my involvement with Torah, my energetic and spiritual connection grows stronger and more aligned to HaShem, G-d.   There is increasingly an energy, a presence, that is just with me as I travel along the way – when I need help, it is there."

-from "A Gentile’s Experience of Authentic Torah Learning"

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