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Urantian Testimonies

These experiences are recorded on the Square Circles Urantia Book Sources and Resources site.

"As I was skeptical of anything other than the Bible, time passed before I actually began reading The Urantia Book...  I began with 'The Life and Teachings of Jesus,' and quickly read to where Jesus had reached the age of 23. I was blown away. I had never heard of the things I was reading; I didn't even know that Jesus had brothers and sisters. I already knew and loved the divine Jesus, the Son of God, but through The Urantia Book I began to fall in love with the human Jesus, the Son of Man. Still, I was not convinced that The Urantia Book was really true; I fought with my old mental tapes regarding the infallibility of the Bible - 'Thou shalt not add to...,' etc. My old beliefs were being challenged.
I put The Urantia Book down for several months, and then a devastating thing happened. My father died in a truck/train accident on May 1, 1980. After the initial shock and grief, I was angry that God would take my father at this time of his life; he hadn't even been able to retire! Then I started reading the mansion world papers. The peace I felt after reading them convinced me that the teachings in the book were genuine. They were too beautiful to be anything else.
Since then I have grown enough in understanding to realize that God does not take our loved ones, that the accidents of time just happen. I know that my earthly father's soul had plenty of 'mercy credits'. I need not worry about his salvation. Most comforting of all, I believe that as soon as I get to the mansion worlds I shall see my father in person."

-from "How I Found the Urantia Book", by Luann Harney

"She told me she had come across a book that I might like, though she herself could not understand it.  [the friend tells of the Urantia Book's divine origin]  ...Something inside me knew that was true and I wrote down the name of the book...
 I found myself thinking about God and what little time I had given to learning about him. Suddenly, the room was filled with a warm and glowing light. I felt so strange, as if I had received the gift of faith right at that moment, as if I had been 'born again.'
...I came home and had such tremendous urges - to read The Bible, to join a church, to learn everything I could. I called different churches at random, went to the library, and got some books on Edgar Cayce, the Dead Sea Scrolls, world religions, The Koran, even The Talmud.
That same day I called Mr. Dychko and told him how I felt. He suggested I read The Urantia Book but to start with the Jesus section this time. I read for about five hours without stopping and my Thought Adjuster must have responded because I knew that every word I was reading was the truth. It was exciting to finally believe in something, to have faith in God!"

-from "How I Found the Urantia Book", by Martha Groh

"...I decided that I believed in God because I needed to, although I was certain that much of what I was hearing in church was not really related to the God I felt inside. So one afternoon, as a junior in high school, while considering all of this, I prayed, 'Father, I don’t really know what is true. But I don’t care how far I have to go or what I have to do, I want to find what is true. Please help me.'
...I began reading the Urantia Book.
...Questions would flood my mind; the answers would be in the next paragraph. I felt my mind opening, my soul exploding. I had never read anything like this.
... Finally, I finished Part III, 'The History of Urantia.' Blam! Bells rang, lights went on—I knew!
...I knew in my experience that this book was true and that it was what it claimed to be.
I had found the truth. I had asked for it. I got it. The truth had set me free.
...I can honestly say that the Urantia Book has changed and enlightened my entire adult life experience on this planet."

-from "How I Found the Urantia Book", by Lee Armstrong

These comments are from Amazon reviews of The Urantia Book:

"One day I entered a public library not knowing what I was really looking for, no real purpose in mind. As I walked the aisles my eyes locked on a book with concentric blue circles. I can only say that I was drawn to it, I knew instinctively there was something important about it. I opened it randomly and settled on a paragraph from a paper and began to read. Immediately and without a doubt I knew I was reading truth. Its hard to describe the feeling that went thru me, It was like slowly dying from thirst and suddenly being saved by a clear cool spring. ...It took me one year to finish the book reading it nearly every day. Almost all of what I read seemed nearly incomprehensible to me at the time but I knew instinctively that it was truth. By the time I had finished it I realized I had read the most profound book of my life"

-from Amazon review by zane gregg

"I first started reading The Urantia Book over 40 years ago. I believe that we have the ability to sense 'truth' when we encounter it. This book was one of those encounters. It took me over three years to read the book cover to cover, carefully and thoroughly. I found no errors, no contradictions. It rang true in every respect."

-from Amazon review by George T. Johnson

These comments are from the Urantia International Association forum.

"I have been reading the Urantia Book for about two years and it's like I just recently began to see how amazing it really is. I have found no other book that synthesizes science, philosophy, and religion into such a coherent and convincing whole.
If it's not the revelation it claims to be and instead the product of human imagination, it would have to be the best science fiction book ever written. If that were the case, and I doubt it is, its spiritual truth would still remain, as it speaks to my heart and mind about the nature of God, the teachings of Jesus, and our hope for the afterlife like nothing I've ever seen.
Though my life hasn't dramatically improved since I first found this text, my outlook on life has definitely changed. I now see a cosmic purpose to human life that I otherwise may not have found. The more often I read the Urantia Book, the more at peace I generally feel, even if it's only a page or two a day."

-from "I am amazed by the Urantia Book", by Howard509

A reply:

"You will find, Brother, that every reading of the whole will further expand the parts within, endlessly it seems. The more you experience the truths within, the more of them there seem to be. The evidence of truthfulness lies within the experience of truth in our life.
...The highest happiness is indissolubly linked with spiritual progress. Spiritual growth yields lasting joy, peace which passes all understanding."

-from UIA forum user Bradly aka/fanofVan, post 2

Urantia Book believers discusses the Spirit of Truth:

"I recognize the presence of the Father, the Son... and the Infinite Spirit whenever I tune in before I begin to read each day. I KNOW their presence is here with me along with others."

-from UIA forum user Carolyn, post 4

From another thread:

"Yes, he does speak to us. In fact, it is more likely that you will hear the good shepherd speak in your heart long before you hear your own TA. Through 50 years of the practice of contemplative prayer, I have been able to discern the Master's voice and presence in my heart and mind. He speaks whenever you ask. He speaks to the humble heart which is wholly dedicated to hearing him. He speaks with peace and tenderness, with comfort and wisdom. These are communions that are not always intellectual but are felt deeply and known experientially. He promised that if you seek, you will find and I have found in my experience is that prayer has been the best avenue for seeking him."

-from UIA forum user Bonita, post 14

From YouTube:

"I have studied, prayed and pondered about this revelation for almost fifty years, but that doesn't mean that I see it in its wholeness yet, but just that I am on my way in understanding truth.
...I opened the book to a place on the life and teachings of Jesus and read a page of when Jesus went to Simon's home and the woman came off of the street, so grateful for the good news of repentance and realizing she too could be a faith daughter of our Heavenly Father —with gratitude she anointed Jesus' feet with oil and wept and wiped her tears from his feet with her long hair! It was as if I recognized Jesus' voice as I read, and I knew that was Jesus speaking. My testimony of the truthfulness of the epochal revelation started that night and has continued to grow in all these nearly 50 years."

-from YouTube user UrantianArtist


"I am not an author of the book, and I have no way to convince you that what is contained in its covers is true. The only way that one can discern the truth of The Urantia Book is by opening it up and reading it. Many people who have done just that are completely convinced of its truth, and have allowed that truth to expand their worldview, inform their spiritual lives, and improve their understanding of, and communion with, God.
...The Spirit of Truth indwells each person and assists us to discern truth, wherever it is found. You possess this Spirit as well as anyone else, and I invite you to keep that in mind, and keep an open mind, when you approach The Urantia Book.
...You can come to trust the writings of The Urantia Book, but not because I say so, because Truthbook says so, or because IT says so. Your own Spirit within will bear witness to you if you are a sincere seeker for the truth.
...You might find some of The Urantia Book history helpful and also you might like to read some of the personal stories of people who feel that The Urantia Book changed their lives for the better. Click HERE for those stories.On this page you'll be able to access several video movies featuring Urantia Book readers giving their personal testimonies regarding The Urantia Book."

-from "Is the Urantia Book True?" on

"While growing up I was sort of a closet seeker...  I read lots of religious books on my own. I picked out the parts that rang true to me and left the rest behind. I had many, many questions and found a few answers, just enough to keep me looking for more.
When I was 21 a friend and I were talking about the meaning of life. He told me about a book - I had never heard of it before - called The Urantia Book. I bought that big blue book and brought it home. I knew immediately that it was something different. I read the Foreword, looked over the table of contents, opened the book randomly, and read.
...Once I began reading it, the book became my constant companion. I would carry it with me to work, read it on the bus, study it at night, turn to it in times of despair, and come to love the truth it held. The gaps were closed, my questions were answered, my heart was filled, and the harmony chord of truth rang in my soul."

-from "I Bought That Big Blue Book", by Karen Pike

"All it took was one paragraph and I felt tears come into my eyes and my heart beat faster. I probably had a stunned and stupid look on my face, too. As he continued to read I became completely overwhelmed. It was all I could do to keep from dropping to the floor in front of these people and crying out loud to God. I sat with my hands in my lap, not uttering a word - but inside I was a blubbering mess. 'This is the truth! You've answered me! You're real!'
...God became a reality and life finally made sense. I could begin to understand what it was all about and where I fit in. I had answers and no longer needed pot and beer. The world became enchantingly new again just like it was when first discovering it as a child. Yes, I finally understood what those crazy Jesus freaks meant when they said 'born again.' I was one of them."

-from "I Felt Tears Come into My Eyes", anonymous

"When I reached 'The Survival of Andon and Fonta' light bulbs exploded in my head. This book is telling me the truth! We will not die! There's a big universe out there that is fully under control, and there is a God after all! All the knowledge I had accumulated over the years clicked together, the pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle forming a coherent picture of the universe that resembled a detailed tapestry. The astounding thing was that I recognized the picture as something familiar, something that deep down I had known all along but couldn't see because it was blocked. Now the veil was lifted... Although I still had two thousand pages to go, I knew that this book would give it to me straight. That was the happiest day of my life, April 18, 1977. 'You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' I wept tears of joy and relief.
On that day I turned my life around 180 degrees. All my attitudes and values were changed in one fell swoop. I read the book for three months straight, barely coming up for air. I learned where I came from, where I was going, and why I was here. What I had believed to be important was meaningless, and that's why happiness had eluded me. I discovered that there is no happiness apart from God. The stress and tension dropped away, the furrows in my brow relaxed, and I still hadn't read a word about Jesus - that came much later. In fact, I resisted reading about him until I had exhausted all the other papers. But when I finally did, I was ready to accept him and his teachings wholeheartedly. Since that day I have had peace of mind - the peace which passes all understanding."

-from "All My Attitudes and Values Were Changed", by Saskia Praamsma

"The truth contained in the book spoke deeply to me, enlarged my existing relationship with Jesus and our Father, and affirmed long-held philosophical concepts. I felt, 'Yes, that's the way I've always thought that this whole life experience, and God, and everything, should be.' It spoke to my heart and mind, and filled in all the missing gaps left by Christianity. I was able to affirm that indeed, I had found the fifth epochal revelation to our world - The Urantia Book."

-from "The Truth Spoke Deeply to Me", by Jane Roper

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